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GSA Full-Service Proposal Preparation

Our solution begins with proposal preparation and ends with GSA schedule revenue.

Our GSA Full-Service Statement of Work:

  • Hold GSA proposal project telephone kick-off meeting with customer  
  • Explain the GSA proposal writing process 
  • Review GSA’s solicitation requirements  
  • Explain the GSA schedule Price Reduction Clause (PRC) and associated discounting controls  
  • Review customer’s products, services, and discounting policies 
  • Explain documents required to optimize your GSA pricing while meeting the requirements of the PRC.

  • Prepare discounting and pricing proposal files based on information gathered during kick-off and company invoices  
  • Email proposal discounting and pricing file template and  hold teleconference with customer to discuss discounting and GSA pricing strategy 
  • Develop and complete final GSA pricing files 
  • Convert pricing proposal tables into required proposal documents  

  • Work with customer to complete required GSA proposal administrative documents  
  • Review and revise all required proposal documents  
  • Deliver final, completed proposal to customer  
  • Submit proposal through GSA eOffer  

  • Perform post GSA proposal submission tasks
  • Monitor the GSA proposal’s evaluation status 
  • Assist in accelerating the GSA review process 
  • Respond to GSA’s request for clarification 
  • Participate in final negotiations with GSA 
  • Prepare the final GSA proposal revision letter at the close of negotiations 
  • Draft GSA schedule award letter (GSA requests customer to draft their own award letter)

  • Preform post-award tasks 
  • Monitor the status of the GSA award announcement 
  • Assist in Upload GSA prices to the online GSA price database 

GSA Full-Service Proposal Preparation
GSA Full-Service Proposal Preparation