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Rapid GSA Schedule Proposal Writing

Minimize the pain of preparing your company's GSA schedule proposal through our Rapid GSA service.

By Using our Rapid GSA Service you will have an assigned GSA expert who will serve as your on-call GSA consultant during the entire Rapid GSA proposal writing process.  This will: 

  • Eliminate the frustration of deciphering what GSA wants.
  • Eliminate the wasted effort of asking for help from GSA.
  • Cut file preparation time dramatically.

Our staff knows what GSA schedule proposal evaluators are looking for - what they skim read and what is  important to them.  Most importantly  our GSA staff knows how to prepare the critical discounting and pricing files to optimize your company's GSA prices.

How Rapid GSA Works: 

The Rapid GSA process begins with us sending you all required files with instructions and model text. Next we will schedule a kick-off call to get started on the red tape requirements of your GSA schedule proposal. 

During  the initial call and in subsequent calls and emails, we will walk you through each file, explain the importance of the file, whether it is required or not, and the criticality of the file from the GSA  evaluators' viewpoint. 

You will be inform  of:

  • Precisely what actions and data are needed to complete the file.
  • Potential problems and common issues with the file.
  • Next steps to completing the file including our assistance in reviewing the file after you have input your company's data .

All  proposal files are controlled using a file control table that shows their status and the action required for completion. As you complete each file, it will be reviewed by your GSA consultant, they will suggest enhancement if need be or,  sign off on the file as "ready to submit"  in the status table.

At the conclusion of the Rapid GSA engagement you will have a proposal submitted to GSA via GSA's eOffer portal.